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Live Etah: Dream for Now, Realistic Poetry Real...
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Live Etah is a spectacular intense full length poetry novelty at its prime! Live Etah will certainly penetrate the core of your emotion! In this project, poetry and literature are finely combined in a unique poetic tale, accentuating two traditional forms of literature in writing. Live Etah invites you and your mind´s eye to experience the best of both worlds, black and white reality as we know it, while traveling the realm of the unknown. Characters Jacob, Nicky, and Tray each battle an inner demon named, Etah, who throughout the story, sadistically leads them each to their own prophesied fate according to good or evil while depicting some of the most despicable, harsh, tragic situations for any human being to endure at least here on planet Earth, but it doesn´t stop there! Live Etah travels deep down into the pits of hell to an afterlife of deformed satyrs, lava-filled urns, and spliced creatures desperate for company. Seeking as many souls as possible, Etah´s mission of diabolical destruction is challenged when one of her assignments heart is put to the ultimate test. Mental and physical pain looms over all three characters and they must discover the root to their life´s mystery before Etah collects the most valuable gem they own, their soul. It is the premier to the first of a new stunning series, The Realistic Poetry Reality Series. Poet Delano Johnson and Callie Johnson exceed the expectations of the term, creative writing by artfully combining poetry and fiction in this poetic short story, Live Etah. With this being the duets official second project, not only does the story entertain, it emphasizes a powerful message and explores the depths of worldly and spiritual conflict. This book is definitely a must read. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Callie Johnson. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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